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Welcome to Fayette Lodge

The following is excerpted from a journal of another organization of which I am a member.  It is a reply to the question “What do you have left to accomplish before you can die happy?”  The response:

“Other people’s dreams of things they wish to do before they die can open our world for us in ways we don’t see.  I was teaching a course to oilfield engineers in the M-I SWACO compound in Hassi  Messaoud, Algeria, during its civil war.  After finishing class one afternoon, I was talking with the Algerian engineers when one of them said, ‘My dream is to visit America someday.’  Assuming he wanted to do the usual tourist things, I started asking him what he wanted to see and do. 

He stopped me and said, ‘You don’t understand.   Just once in my life,  I want to visit a place where different kinds of people can live together in peace.’ 

I live the dream, every day!  God Bless America!”     

William D. (Dave) Reynolds; Mensa Bulletin, Jan. 2012

The idea that America is that kind of place is partly the result of a group of courageous and enlightened men who,   over two hundred years ago,   founded the country.  Many of the leaders of that group were Freemasons and the principles on which the country was founded directly reflect Masonic ideals, the ideals for which the Algerian longed to see in action.

Freemasonry is founded on the assertion that all men (humanity in general) are brothers and children of God.   Hence, under that belief, men are expected to live in peace in spite of differing political or religious affiliations.

Further, Freemasonry, at its best,   seeks to eliminate ignorance,   the universal breeding ground of prejudice, tyranny   and fanaticism.  

Freemasons have been accused of leading conspiracies to “rule the world” or establish the “New World Order”.   If we are defining these schemes as those which create an order where such principles as briefly tabulated above are supreme, then it is guilty as charged. 

However, in practice, the fraternity does not act on such a universal scope.  It seeks to affect the world at large by working to improve individual men who may then, through their influence on their families, local communities and governmental agencies,   serve to leaven society and improve the quality of the community at large. 

The Mason’s duty is to God, his family, his neighbor and himself.   Friendship, morality and brotherly love;   these are what we pursue at Fayette Lodge and in all Masonic organizations.

Dale Cunningham, Worshipful Master, Fayette Lodge